Robb and Matt Play Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2

A nice sunday afternoon gaming session! Let us know if you liked it, hated it, or want to see more of Killing Floor 2, or games like it!

SKTelecom T1 is the League of Legends 2015 World Champion


Many people thought it impossible for a team to win two world championships but SKTelecom T1 is the first to do so! (more…)

Rocket League Mutators

Mutators Cover

Have you ever wanted to play Rocket League with moon-like gravity? Have you dreamed about the ball being a beach ball? Well even if you haven't you'll probably still have fun the new Mutators being released! Oh and did I mention this is a FREE update? (more…)



Hey guys, just wanted to post here real quickly, we have began a Patreon page and would like you guys to check it out. We have a tight budget when it comes to our operation since we are just getting off the ground and we could really use some help getting equipment. If you would…

Might and Delight’s: Child of Cooper Trailer

Child of Cooper

A brief look at what we know about Might and Delight’s upcoming indie game Child of Cooper including most recent trailer.


Overwatch, Heroes Needed

That's right guys, Overwatch beta is finally here! I can't begin to explain my excitement for this game. (although I would be more excited if I had a key, cough cough BLIZZARD) So far, the streams on Twitch have proved one thing. I. Want. This. Game. I hope to be posting more about it  soon,…

Duelyst Impressions


Calling all ladder-climbing, card-collecting strategists.

003 Matt Needs More Whiskey

Well Played Dude!

This is the third episode in our weekly podcast series, hope you guys enjoy it, let us know what you think!

Super Girl Episode 1!

Super Girl

Thats right guys, with the premiere of super girl, CBS has decided to release their first episode online, FOR FREE!!! This show has a lot of potential, althought there is a huge contraversy about the time slot (competing with gotham) this show has been well received by most! Check out the first episode Here

Payday 2 Lets Play!

Payday 2

Matt and I attempt to pull off a few heists!

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