Avatar 2 Updates!


It's hard to believe that it's only been 6 years since James Cameron showed us he could still break records at the box office. He had mentioned in the past that he was planning to release more movies in the blossoming franchise he had created. Personally, I was not a big fan of the movie,…


New Episode

Man what an episode! We laughed, we cried, we talked about nerd things, including Star Wars, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Hurt World, and a few other random assorted topics for your listening pleasure!

008 The Wookie Call!

New Episode

Hey guys, sorry for the late release, we had some technical difficulties and could not upload the podcast on time, that being said, please enjoy our post THANKS GIVING episode of the Well Played Dude podcast. This episode is not only full of turkey, but Batman, Hearthstone, Justcause 3, RainbowSix Siege, and of course our…

Weekly Brawl Review: Battle of Tol Barad!

Brawl Report

Welcome back everyone after the holiday weekend, hope everybody had a nice Thanksgiving or at least got a few days off work. Coming back with another Tavern Brawl review, I've been quite busy with my holiday stuff so this one is out towards the end of the brawl but that gave me a few more…

Planetbase Review


Watch out! Flying Asteroid! Planetbase is a resource management game based in the future. The goal of the game is to set up your own civilization on a planet with no atmosphere, bringing the term bubble boy to a whole new level! If you have played games like Sim City, or Banished, you will be…

007 Star Wars Dialogue!

New Episode

Hey guys, the latest episode of the Well Played Dude podcast contains spoilers about a lot of topics, be warned, we do give you a brief warning on the episode. We talked about game of thrones and how HBO has teased us, the captain america trailer, Jessica Jones, the fantastic four 3, heroes reborn, Star…

League of Explorers: Uldaman


Hey everyone sorry for the delay on the Uldaman wing review. I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving because the holidays are certainly keeping me quite busy. That and the Overwatch beta this past weekend. Coming back with the Wing 2 review of League of Explorers with the normal and heroic in the same…

Join Well Played Dude!


We are looking for content creators!   We are looking for people to help mold our community and create content for our viewers! If you have a knack for writing, social media management, or you like creating video or audio content, guides, whatever it may be, we would love hear from you! If you would…

Star Wars Droids Meet!


C-3PO and R2D2 walk into a desert... So when C-3PO and R2D2 start to stroll throughout the desert, they are met with an interesting little droid by the name of BB-8 and the nostalgia is turned up to 11. O2 in the UK released a tweet with the following video! We here at WPD cannot…

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman First Look!

Wonder Woman

Well, It's about time! Finally we get a good look at what is in the works for Wonder Woman A lot of us have been wondering what the costumes might look like, and while this is only a teaser from the actress, we get a better idea of what the movie might look like. However it…

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