Weekly Brawl Review: Gift Exchange

Hey everyone welcome to another tavern brawl review. This week was the Gift Exchange tavern brawl and it was so much fun as long as you were the one collecting the gifts!

So this week in the Gift Exchange brawl we had to create our own decks and each turn a special gift would spawn as long as you didn’t already have one. The gifts had 0 attack and 4 health so you would need to use buff card to actually buff it somehow to attack with it. If you managed to be the one who killed a gift then you would be rewarded with a 1 mana discover card and you would discover a card according to whose gift you killed. If you killed your own gift you would get a present from your class specific cards which cost 5 mana or more and if you killed your opponents gift it would be a 5 mana class card from your opponents class. Did I mention that these cards you got from the discover cost 5 less than normal also? Getting a really cheap legendary or a 2 mana flamestrike is pretty awesome by the way.

So the strat is to be able to kill your own gift as well as your opponents gift and then get a bunch of cheap cards to wreck your opponents board as well as face. This brawl seemed to be able to steamroll out of hand much more than the other brawls especially for certain classes like warlock, priest and sometimes shaman. Warlock has a lot of nice cards to easily kill stuff like Syphon Soul or Bane of Doom which would cost 1 and 0 mana respectively if received from the gifts. They also have Power Overwhelming and Shadow Bolt to take out the gifts early game and start the pain train. Power overwhelming turn 2 when you both have gifts might be the most over powered thing about warlock because not only do you kill your opponents gift you also kill your own gift giving you 2 gifts and denying your opponent from killing your gift. Then if this happens again the following turn the steamrolling begins.

So I really enjoyed this brawl but it seemed like the class that had the easiest way of doing 4 damage or killing a minion with removal just got so far ahead of the other person especially if they were able to kill both gifts. The decks I faced seemed to be similar to constructed decks but the strat was to just kill the gifts and not even card about anything else. Then by turn 5 or 6 people started dropping these super powerful cards for next to nothing and if you didn’t have an answer it was pretty much over. The downside is if you played a class that didn’t have super good early game removal or a way to do 4 damage by turn 3 then you probably already lost because your opponent would start to kill both gifts by the time they spawned as well as anything you played.

I did have a lot of fun playing this brawl and I’ll be honest if I didn’t get my cards I wanted early to kill the gifts then I just conceded and queued up again because it was near impossible to win. However when RNGesus actually made an appearance I was quite a happy camper. Until next time, best of luck to you all and may the RNGesus be on your side!

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