Final Fantasy 7 remake, is it what we hoped for?

Wait a minute! Is that Cloud Strife?!?

It seems that the prayers of millions have finally been answered. You could say it has always been a fantasy to play one of the most iconic games of an entire generation and genre of gaming, but to get it remade, not only for a modern system, but to have a full overhaul on graphics? Pinch me now!

I’m sure I am not the only one who spent countless hours traveling the world of Final Fantasy 7 in search of adventure, materia and that no good rotten Sephiroth! Nostalgia is overwhelming sometimes, but I just about had nerd chills when I heard that Sony would finally give fans what they have been asking for all these years.

Or will they?

It is still incredibly early to tell what Sony has in mind for their remake, but they have mentioned a few things that have worried some of the more hardcore supporters (including myself). There is heavy speculation, and I DO STRESS speculation, that the game will resemble that of a Tell-Tale games series. This could cause a tremendous backlash from the players who have loved the franchise for decades. The best part of Final Fantasy games is their open world exploration. Although it may not be the same level as games like Fallout or Skyrim, it has a certain charm and the side missions in FF games are some of the more entertaining ones.

Sony has said that the game will be released in parts, but we have no idea what that means. If they mean that it will be split up into sections (like a lot of people are thinking) then we could work with that. Personally, I would rather they do something like Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2, where you get the full game and then they expand the story through the eyes of other characters. Maybe we get to see what happens after the original game ends and.

Sony also stated that we will see parts of Midgard that we had never seen before, so the other scenario that a lot of us are thinking is that the game will resemble the previous incarnation in that it will be released in 3 parts, kind of like their disks. Final Fantasy 7 for the PS1 had 3 disks and each one had a fairly long life span, while it was still the same story, you could have had a great game on your hands with each individual disk. So maybe that is what Sony has in mind.



Sony has released some trailers for us to feint over! Below is an image of their incredible cinematic trailer and a little hint of what we can expect to see in the coming game. Final Fantasy has never looked more beautiful than it does right now.

Final Fantasy 7 Cinematic

But that’s not all, don’t let the cinematic fool you into thinking that the game does not have legs when you end the cut scene, the game play footage they released in their other trailer is gorgeous and I for one cannot wait to limit break with Cloud or Barrett and destroy some Shinra scum!

Final Fantasy 7 Gameplay

Just so you can take a quick peek at how far Final Fantasy has come since it’s inception, below is a graphic of one of the first things you see when you jump into the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Original

Nostalgia is something that has been used as a marketing weapon as of late and the fact is, it does work. Blizzard is doing it, Square Enix and Sony are doing it, hell even Nintendo is doing it. But is it a bad thing? Let us know in the comments below!

Game play Trailer

Cinematic Trailer

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