League of Explorers: Uldaman

Hey everyone sorry for the delay on the Uldaman wing review. I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving because the holidays are certainly keeping me quite busy. That and the Overwatch beta this past weekend. Coming back with the Wing 2 review of League of Explorers with the normal and heroic in the same review this time. I actually used the same decks to beat the normal mode that I did the heroic mode for both bosses that had you create your own decks. The 2nd boss is another encounter where you have 10 turns to escape and this time it’s all about keeping the tempo up with efficient clears as well as attempting to keep minions on your own side.


Chieftain Scarvash: This little guy was fairly easy on normal but on heroic, holy shit this guy was a pain. He has the normal 30 health pool and of course gains 15 armor on heroic and also starts with Burly Rockjaw Trogg and Stonesplinter Trogg on the board. Normal mode his board is clear at the start. His hero power on normal makes spells cost 2 more mana and then alternates the next turn to make minions cost 2 more. Not a huge thing to deal with but annoying if you have a spell or minion that would otherwise help you but you can’t play it because it costs 1 more mana than you have. His hero power swaps every turn between spells and minions and costs 0 for him so it doesn’t take anything to play his hero power. On heroic it actually makes spells and minions cost 11 when they are called upon so you actually cannot play them on their respective turns. Cards like Emperor also have no effect on lowering the mana cost for heroic because it actually sets the cost at 11. Now on normal I didn’t really have too much trouble beating this guy because his A.I. isn’t the smartest at times. I played Nerubian Egg on turn 2 and he actually killed it with a lightning bolt the following turn to spawn my nerubian which I used to kill 3 more things before it died. Scarvash does have a pretty annoying deck to go against however as it’s filled with spells like Lightning Bolt and Starfire as well as very aggressive minions like Ancient Shade. As long as you are able to get some minions on the board to kill his shade by turn 4 or 5 you should be alright. Every turn 4 or 5 he seemed to play the shade. He also has some problem cards like the Rumbling Elemental/Keeper of Uldaman combo which can be a pain to deal with if you can’t kill the elementals the turn he plays them. I can’t tell you how many times this killed me or my board because he had 2 Elementals on the board and then played 2 or 3 battlecry minions before I could kill them. Lastly he has a hunter secret that all hunters everywhere wish they could get already, Dart Trap. That thing is annoying as hell if you pick a class that has a useful hero power. Thankfully he has no other traps so if he plays a trap then it’s dart trap for sure.

The deck I used to beat this guy was a Paladin Deck and it pretty much came down to me drawing my doomsayer by turn 2 or 4 and him not killing it the turn I played it. Scarvash also has the spell Confuse which really counters doomsayer but he doesn’t seem to play it as a counter, more as something just to play when spells aren’t costing 11 mana. The other thing that really helped me was playing double Molten Giant and taunting them. However keep in mind that he has lightning bolt and starfire so if you are at 5 health and put up the great wall, you still might be killed by a spell. All in all this boss was tough as hell on heroic but it was mostly due to him drawing well and me not drawing well. The game I beat him, I stomped him once again because I cleared his board early with doomsayer and then played double molten giants with taunt on the same turn. He didn’t have anything that could get through them easily and then I recovered and won 3 turns later. Also save your Humility effect for his Ancient Shade because I don’t think he has any higher attack minions.


Mine Cart Rush: Here we have another encounter that is a 10 turn survival match filled with RNG this time. You have a custom deck against the mine track’s custom deck. There also doesn’t seem to be any difference between normal and heroic mode mechanics or the cards that you are offered but your opponent does have 1 other card on normal that he doesn’t have on heroic. On normal the mine track has Debris which can randomly spawn as one of the minions each turn that come out from his hero power. Heroic that easy 0/3 isn’t available for him which makes things a bit harder. This seemed pretty easy on normal as well as heroic but it’s all up to 2 factors.

1: Does the mine cart get any 6/6 minions at the start and if so how many.

2: Did you get any Boom! cards in your opening hand and if so how many.

The fight isn’t as scripted as the temple escape from wing 1 but it starts out with your enemy getting 3 random troggs on the board and he gets 2 more at random every turn. You start out with the normal 4 cards and they each cost 1 mana but you however have 2 mana and will not get any more. So this means you only get to do 2 things each turn and your hero power costs 1 mana as well. This encounter is all about keeping tempo on the board and having the ability to clear his minions without losing many of your own if possible. You get a card which does 3 damage to every enemy and I feel like there are 6 of those in your deck total so it’s a fairly good chance that you will get one in your first 5 – 7 cards. The other cards you have are 2 different 3/6 minions, one that can attack like normal and one with taunt which cannot attack. There’s a heal for 10 health card, a deal 10 damage card, a card that draws 3 cards and lastly a card that moves you 1 move closer to the exit essentially skipping 1 turn. If you get unlucky and your opening hand includes some draw cards and heal for 10 and move 1 move closer to the exit, you’ll probably end up losing because you need to clear his board asap. If you get 2 Boom cards in your opening hand then you will most likely win unless you draw a bunch of heal for 10 cards or draw 3 cards. On the flip side, if your opponent starts out with 2 or more 6/6 troggs on his side then you are pretty much done for unless you can double boom by turn 3.

Don’t get discouraged on this encounter because it’s pretty random as well as takes a bit of thought on efficient plays. Also using your hero power can be a very good idea if you can manipulate it to kill something by eliminating other lesser minions and then hitting a bigger guy for 3 when hes the only one left.


Archaedas: This punk was actually fairly tricky on normal until I remembered druid has lots of buffs and savage roar. Heroic on the other hand is a bunch of BS. This guy took me so many tries on heroic and then eventually I just drew the cards I needed and Archaedas didn’t have the early crap that buffs his guys beyond your ability to kill them. So Archaedas on normal has a hero power on auto cast which costs 1 mana and puts out dudes on the board, 1 for you and 1 for him. They are 0/2 dudes which he can buff or shatter to do damage to you. On heroic they are 0/5 for him while still being 0/2 for you however. He also has some cards that buff attack on other minions and he likes to go face as well as he’s got a “gain 6 armor, draw 3 cards” card. He pretty much floods the board with minions and then uses his Animate Earthen card (+1,+1 on normal) to annoy you and do lots of damage to your face. Finally after building a board he will shatter his and your dudes with Shattering Spree (1 for each statue on normal) and surprise you with way more damage to your face than you were expecting. I’ve been killed many times by 21 – 30 damage in 1 turn by him just playing this card alone because it shatters his statues plus yours and deals all the damage to you.

So the only strategy I had with my deck was to concede if he buffed his guys turn 2 and turn 3 because it was just impossible to win if that happens. Having 3 minions on the board, 2 of which are 6/11 taunts and a 3/8 taunt and having been able hit you for 15 damage already on his turn 3 is way too much to come back from and it truly isn’t worth continuing at that point so I figured I would just start over. Another strategy I had tying into my first strategy of making it passed turn 4, was to hopefully have drawn 1 or both of my Saboteur and to play them on turn 6 or later. It makes your opponents hero power cost 5 more and because it is on auto cast, it forces him to cast it for 6 mana. If that’s all the mana he has that turn then his whole turn will be used up using his hero power. If you play the saboteur before he has 6 mana however, it will just make him play his other cards and not use his hero power. His hero power isn’t the hard part of this fight, it’s the cards that combo with his hero power. His buff and the shatter both cost 2 mana so if using his hero power makes him only have 1 or 0 mana left after using it, I call that successful.  Archaedas also plays some of the new paladin secrets but those really aren’t that tough to deal with unless all you have left are important minions in your hand. On a side note the Sacred Trial secret won’t proc on the summoned minion from his hero power, only minions you play yourself. I used this Druid deck to beat Archaedas and it took me quite a while but finally I pulled it out on heroic.


I would say this 2nd wing of League of Explorers has been more challenging than the first wing but it’s mostly due to the unfairness of your opponents combo cards. If your opponent draws well you just won’t win so don’t get discouraged in wing 2 if you’re trying to get that heroic card-back. Also playing this wing of the League of Explorers Adventure actually brought back some memories of playing World of Warcraft when I was younger and running this dungeon. I actually thought it was quite unfair that the last boss (who actually was Archaedas) was a lot higher level than the rest of the dungeon, but that’s just one of the things that made vanilla WoW interesting to me. It was also in sort of a remote area for the level required to actually complete the dungeon so I feel many people didn’t actually bother going there. It was however a pretty fun dungeon if you managed to form a group that could successfully complete it. Have a happy Thanksgiving to all those you love to over eat! Best of luck to you all and may the RNGesus be on your side!

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