Weekly Brawl review: Captain Blackheart’s Treasure

Another tavern brawl is here and this week it is “Captain Blackheart’s Treasure.” This brawl has premade decks, sort of, so all you do is pick a class and then just hit the Brawl button. This is the brawl that they wanted to do a few weeks ago but had some issues so they decided to go with the “web spinners” brawl.

Your deck consists of 30 pirates that are all 3 health/2 attack and cost 2 mana but you don’t really use your deck at all. Each turn you have a choice between 3 cards that are randomly picked and include all the neutral cards along with all your class cards. Each turn you just randomly generate these cards and don’t actually draw from your deck at all unless you have a draw mechanic on a card you pick. On a side note I’m not sure if this is factored in or not but Ben Brode has stated “A class card is 4x more likely to be discovered.” This was in reference to the “discover” mechanic on cards as a battlecry or deathrattle but I haven’t heard anything about that being included in this tavern brawl or not. A link to the tweet can be found HERE.


  • Some random draws can be amazingly fun
  • Great fun playing against friends
  • If you like arena in Hearthstone then this is pretty similar


  • Completely random choice with the possibility of spells and minions with every pick
  • Sometimes, like arena, you just get crappy picks
  • No fatigue so games have the potential to be endless
  • Actually encountered a bug “Screenshot” couldn’t ever use that fireball or see my health again

blackheart war fun

All in all I think this brawl was really fun especially when you are actually getting cards that help you and are high quality. There were times when I would get a choice between two 1 mana cards and a 2 mana card past turn 10 and that really would seal the loss for me. On the flip side there were times when I would draw pretty much exactly what I needed either eventually or right on the turn I needed them by. I would recommend checking this one out if you haven’t yet especially if you enjoy arena because it’s sort of like forging an arena deck mid-game. The only thing I would change about this brawl might be to make your deck consist of something like the wish cards in the first boss of The League of Explorers.

Maybe something along these lines so you could have more control over what you got whether it be a minion or a spell. It would also make the cards with draw more valuable as it would draw the wishes instead of just a 2/3 pirate. Or let us make our own deck with the 4 card options and enable us to be able to put more than 2 unique cards into the deck so we could make our own variation. Best of luck to you all and may the RNGesus be on your side.

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