League of Explorers: Wing 1 Heroic!

So a few days ago I finished the last boss that I hadn’t beaten yet on the heroic difficulty of The League of Explorers. I won’t talk too much about the normal mode mechanics here so if you are curious then check out my previous post. Each of the 2 bosses also have 30 health + 15 armor to start with so you’ll need to chew through 45 total health this time around.


Zinaar Heroic was actually quite difficult for me but for sort of a silly reason. He is harder because his hero power also gives himself 1 mana on top of drawing a card so he gets way far ahead on board early, but if you can get something quality from your wishes you can recover. So I watch the almighty Kripparrian on quite a bit and his plan was to use a druid mill deck for the first boss. I thought this sounded like a good idea as well so I made THIS DECK but it just wasn’t working until it finally did one game; not sure if that makes any sense. It took me over 10 attempts on the first guy of just losing pretty badly till I just stomped him somehow and barely lost any health. Later I actually played it again for fun with the first deck I made that was a spell heavy Flamewaker mage and I one shot him with that deck. I would suggest to mulligan for early removal and early minions if your plan is a mill deck and if you decide to go with flamewaker then just try to hold some wishes till you get your flamewaker on board and remember to save removal for the Stormwind Champs.


Phaerix Heroic this time around has a hero power that makes only him immune while he controls the rod (you aren’t immune if you have control) as well as buffing the rod for +3/+3 while it’s in his possession only. Running at least 2 silences is suggested here as well as more if you feel like it because the 5 damage deathrattle hurts also. This time I used THIS DECK, a hand/demon lock, to beat Phaerix because i figured he would pound my anus early and then hopefully by turn 4-6 I would be able to drop 2 molten giants and taunt them. I actually got very lucky and had a silence by turn 2 for the rod and by turn 6 I had 11 health and somehow also 2 molten giants + defender of argus and I put up a huge wall. I already had a mistress of pain on the board from the previous turn and I lucked out and drew demonheart on turn 7 which I used to buff her and start gaining health back. I ended up 1 shotting this guy but I blame it on pure luck of getting the cards that I needed before or exactly when I needed them. Also once you silence the rod and kill it, it just goes away instead of swapping sides.


Temple Escape Heroic Is exactly the same as on normal with the exception of throwing out bigger minions this time on the side of your enemy. For instance, turn 1 instead of giving you a Zombie Chow to kill you need to deal with a Boulderfist Ogre. I actually used the same partially useless deck from before: Freeze Mage. This time I actually drew one or 2 of the useless cards that I wouldn’t be able to play but once again I one shot this boss due purely to luck of getting my board clears and freezes when I needed them. Really to mulligan for this fight just pray that you get 1 or 2 Mad Scientist early enough to play by turn 2 or 3 as well as your Ice Lance and Frost Nova/Doomsayer combos. It’s very easy to die by turn 3 or 4 before the ceiling collapses because of the huge minions that flood the board on your enemies side.

That’s it for wing 1 and I’ll be coming back with with wing 2 in the next few days here but first check back for the brawl review that will be out by the 20th. I’ve been playing it a bit and so far it has been pretty SMOrc-esque but also pretty fun. Best of luck to you all and may the RNGesus be on your side as you attempt these bosses on heroic.

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