Overwatch Beta Weekend!

That’s Right!

Activision Blizzard has announced that they will be conducting their first “invitation-only” Beta test weekend. They will open up the servers for a three day event in the Americas and Europe. The beta is meant to be a stress test and will begin on Friday, November 20 at 9 AM PST and will end Monday, November 23 at 9 AM PST.

Activision Blizzard continues with:
“During the Beta Test Weekend, all players (including those currently in the Closed Beta) will have access to the full roster of 21 heroes and a limited selection of maps: Hanamura, King’s Row, and Watchpoint: Gibraltar.

Since this is a stress test, we’re primarily interested in your technical feedback, like how Overwatch runs on your system, your experience with the beta servers, critical bug reports, and other game-impacting problems. One of our goals is to push our hardware to the limit, so don’t be surprised if you experience performance issues or run into unexpected downtime—that’s all part of the process.”
Now, some of you may be wondering how you would find out if you were accepted into the beta, Activision Blizzard has responded with:
“Q. How will I know if I’m selected to participate in the Closed Beta?
A. If you are selected to participate in the Closed Beta, you’ll see an Install button appear in the Overwatch tab of your desktop app as well as an “Overwatch Beta” license in the YOUR GAME ACCOUNTS section Account Management.

You will also receive an invite via email. Invites will always be sent to the email address associated with your account. To help avoid phishing attempts, if you believe you’ve received an invite, it’s best to refrain from clicking on any links in the email(s) you receive. Instead, as noted above, you can verify that your account has been granted a Closed Beta license in Account Management.”
We here at Well Played Dude are waiting with baited breath for our invite, and if we get in, we will be sure to give you plenty of coverage. For more information, please visit the official page

Owner of Well Played Dude!

Owner of Well Played Dude!

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