The League of Explorers Adventure! Wing 1 Normal

So the first wing of Hearthstone’s new adventure has been out for almost a week and I got a chance to play through it on normal mode a few times as well as heroic. Blizzard makes these adventure wings fairly easy in my opinion for the normal modes but the heroic is an entirely new story. For now I’ll just talk about the normal modes.


Zinaar is the first boss in the Temple of Orsis wing and his special hero power is giving you a “wish” card and he draws a card from his own deck. These wishes involve the new “discover” mechanic that is being introduced with this adventure which involves giving you a choice of 3 cards and you pick whichever you like. His wishes are “discover a spell”, “discover a minion”, “discover a 4 mana cost card”, “wish for more wishes” which gives you 2 random wishes but I never got the wish for more wishes off the discover more wishes card. The wishes are class specific so you can’t discover a paladin spell if you are playing druid or something like that. Each wish costs 0 mana so you might as well play them first in your turn in case you get a more optimal card, unless you are saving them for spell combos. I played a spell heavy mage deck with flamewaker and the combos I created with the wishes did crazy amounts of damage for almost 0 mana total. This boss was easy as cake and THIS is the deck I made to play around with. Watch out for his big minions however, he has 2 or maybe 3 Stormwind Champion so if you have removal save for those.


Sun Raider Phaerix is the next boss in the wing. This guy was a tad more tricky because if he gets a decent start and you don’t then he can climb ahead pretty easily. His deck is sort of an aggro/face deck with a few random heals thrown in there. His hero power makes whomever controls the Rod of the Sun immune but also when the Rod dies, it goes on the opponents side of the board. He also has some threat cards like this minion who does a deathrattle for 5 damage to each hero and this minion himself has 5 attack. Phaerix also has some weapons that he uses to clear or just do face damage to you if he already has the rod in his possession. He will prioritize face damage unless you have the Rod of the Sun in which case he will kill it and then go back to face damage. The only time I noticed him trading was if he could trade a smaller minion into my bigger minion and kill it. I believe it took me 2 tries to beat this on normal and it was because I didn’t get a very good start the first time. THIS was the deck I used and it wasn’t even created simply for this boss, it was just my regular ramp/combo druid I used to play on ladder.


Temple Escape! The third boss? Not really a boss but scripted things happen each turn. You just need to survive 10 turns and then you make it out with the Rod of the Sun which you took from Phaerix. This is a pretty unique boss because he doesn’t actually have a deck and almost every turn you are prompted with a choice of some sort that helps you a bit but also puts more stuff on the board for your opponent. HERE is a more detailed guide made by Fluxflashor once again which breaks down each turn individually on normal and heroic if you are more curious about the encounter. THIS was the deck I used to beat the encounter which was another deck I play on ladder (freeze mage) and not edited at all. As you can see there’s some cards that are actually useless if I draw them like alextrasza and pyroblast because by turn 9 you have won because that is when you escape. Unless you chose to do nothing on turn 7 and didn’t get 1 turn closer to the exit. Normal difficulty this encounter is pretty easy with not that many minions that can kill you in 1 turn but heroic they get bigger and hurt.

All in all I liked the first wing and think that it actually had some replay value to it especially the first boss. I did enjoy trying to do 30 damage to face in 1 turn with flamewaker randomness and almost pulled it off but either the juggles hit too many other minions or the fight just lasted too long and he started to fatigue himself. I’ll be back soon with my heroic thoughts and the decks I used to beat those encounters.


*edit: Check out my heroic review I just finished for info on the heroic difficulty HERE.

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