Starcraft 2 Legacy Of The Void First Impressions!


Well guys, my first impressions of the brand new Starcraft 2 Expansion, Legacy Of The Void are amazing. I have now played through the three prologue missions that you got early for preordering and the first two campaign missions for the expansion proper. Every thing so far leads me to believe that Blizzard is going to knock this expansion out of the park as far as campaign is concerned. The prologue missions were intense, frankly, on brutal they kind of felt like a continuation of Heart of the Swarm difficulty. While the first two missions of the campaign proper taught you how to play again, the prologue missions kind of threw you into the fray and expected you to already know how to play.

Legacy Of The Void


While playing through the first couple of missions, I can only imagine that it will get harder, but so far, with the campaign proper missions, they seem pretty simple even on brutal. Thats not to say that if you are not careful, you wont lose, you still have to consider what you do pretty carefully, but in terms of the micro required, it is not any sort of insane amount of apm.  As for the in between, I do have to say that blizzard has done a phenomenal job with their cinematic and in game cut scenes once again.

For my first impressions, I love the game. It is a great representation of Starcraft and I look forward to seeing how it all plays out. The campaign story shows a lot of promise and I look forward to bringing you some more videos as we continue our playthrough the entire campaign on brutal!

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Owner of Well Played Dude!

Owner of Well Played Dude!

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