Weekly Brawl review: Back to #1!

This week’s tavern brawl we are heading back to week 1 for a repeat of the Ragnaros vs. Nefarian: Showdown at Blackrock Mountain. I really enjoyed playing this brawl casually against friends but when I was playing it to try to get my first win and subsequently that free card pack, I found myself getting Ragnaros quite frequently and losing. Arguably Rag is at a disadvantage because he starts with 1 mana, whereas Nef starts at 5 mana and has a sometimes better hero power. This time around they nerfed Nef a little and you start with 4 mana but the pre-made decks seem to be the same as before.

A link to the decks can be found HERE uploaded by member Fluxflashor. The brawl sees you play as either Rag or Nef with pre-made decks and you both start with 60 total health. Rag has 60 health outright while Nef has 30 health and 30 armor. Rag also starts with a weapon that does 2 damage with 6 swing charges and a deathrattle effect that makes your hero power the “Rag” ability dealing 8 damage to a random enemy at the cost of 2 mana. Before the deathrattle its a 2 mana “summon a 5 damage 1 health minion.” Nef has an incredibly random based amazing hero power of “give yourself a random spell which then costs 0 mana.” This could be awesome or terrible because I’ve seen spells like totemic might, which is useless in this case, as well as tree of life, which sounds great but it can swing the game back to Rag’s favor as he has 60 health vs Nef’s 30.

If I had to estimate I think I played around 30 games between this week and week 1 and won probably 85% of the games I played as Nefarian. On the flip side when I played as Ragnaros I feel like I won only about 20% of the games. With Rag if you don’t get your defensive early game cards you just fall behind very quickly and usually can’t recover fast enough. Nefarian on the other hand doesn’t have the huge threats that Rag has, notably the 20/20 Golemagg card, but has ways of flooding the board and just zerging through that 60 health faster than you think.

On a side note this second time playing the brawl, every time I played Golemagg he was instantly killed by Nef’s “Rend Blackhand” card making me a little salty. All in all I feel like this is a pretty great idea for the Tavern Brawl however it seems a tad one-sided towards Nefarian. Don’t let that stop you from playing for free though and I’ll see you next week on the brawl review.

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