The Blizzcon Wrap Up!

Blizzcon took the gaming world by storm last weekend and here is what went down!

Below you will see a quick synapsys of what they showed! Keep in mind, we are giving you the TLDR version, if you would like more information, please check out MMO-Champion



World Of Warcraft!

  • Legion Beta Begins SOON
  • The Legion Cinematic was released! You can check it out HERE
  • The Warcraft Movie trailer was shown and released for us to gush over! Trailer
  • Legion will be releasing in September 2016 (50 bucks for regular, 70 for digital deluxe)
  • Pre ordering lets you boost a character to 100, you can have access to the class one week in advance and you can only have one demon hunter per realm (must have a level 70 character to unlock)


  • It will cost 40 dollars on pc for the bare bones, 60 on console and pc for some extra goodies, 130 for console and pc for the collector’s edition
  • A couple new heroes were announced including D.Va, a former pro gamer, turned mech pilot. Mei, a former climatologist who uses lower damage frost based attacks, and Genji, Hanzo’s brother who throws shurikens and uses a katana!
  • The game is slated for release 2016
  • There will be no support for Macs


  • The League of Explorers was announced, 45 new cards, 4 wings, 7 dollars/700 gold per wing or 20 dollars for the whole package. Launches thursday!(November 12th)
  • New card back and game board coming with expansion

Heroes of the storm!

  • Over 200 characters are being planned for HOTS.
  • Lunara, King Genn Greymane and Cho’Gall are the three new heroes.
  • Cho’gall is a hero who is controlled by 2 players
  • The only way that you can acquire Cho’Gall is to have purchased a Blizzcon Virtual Ticket, or if you party and play 2 games with someone who owns it.
  • New map, Towers of Doom

Diablo III

  • New Zone called Greyhollow Island, only in Adventure Mode
  • The Eternal Woods and Royal Quarters were expanded in Adventure Mode.
  • Patch 2.4.0 is going to revamp and revisit alot of gear in all of the class sets!
  • There will be dungeons designed for you and your set
  • Empowered Rifts, New legendaries more stash room and season journey revisions!

Starcraft 2

  • Starcraft 2 Legacy of the void releasing November 10th(we knew that)
  • Mission Map Packs including the Nova covert ops!

Last bit of news, Activision Blizzard is opening up their own movie and tv studio to create content based on their famous IPs

Let us know what you think!

Owner of Well Played Dude!

Owner of Well Played Dude!

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