Oldschool Runescape Deadman Mode

Nostalgia meets player-killing in this new official game mode for Runescape; Deadman Mode.

If you’ve ever played Runescape you’ll know that there is a distinctive separation between the player base. As of February 2013, Jagex, the creators of Runescape, put together a small team of developers and gave the world Oldschool Runescape. This game was made off the version of the game that existed in 2007 thus also giving it the nickname 07scape. On that note, this article is for players that understand some of the basic Runescape gameplay mechanics.

The community had a huge following but a large majority of the players were there for the pking(player-killing). After many months of teasing the new game mode, it is finally here and it is a cruel world. Some of the basic features of Deadman Mode are:

  • There is pking anywhere at any level
  • Experience is gained at a 5x rate
  • When you die, you lose half of your experience in every skill except protected skills
  • You can protect 2 combat skills and 3 non-combat skills
  • You can use an existing account and it doesn’t affect your other game stats
  • You can attack skulled players without getting skulled yourself

And if all that wasn’t harsh enough, the most rewarding feature in all of deadman mode is:

  • After killing a player, you get a key that allows you to raid their bank for the 28 most valuable stacks of items
    • You are only allowed to have 5 keys at any time
  • You can protect up to 10 items(not stacks of items) in a special safety deposit box at the bank

This means that if you successfully go around slaying skulled players or if you just want to go on a rampage yourself you may end up like a Runescape legend B0aty.

If you’re curious about Deadman Mode check it out on There are plenty of resources available on the forums, YouTube, and Twitch. On that note, we did notice quite a few helpful streamers that I think you’d enjoy watching for various reasons:

  • B0aty ( – Higher Level PKing, Good Runescape strategy conversions, a wonderful whale-loving ginger
  • Paul aka Faux Freedom/Iron Faux ( – Some Pking, Amazing communicator, Great stream environment, Quest, His sweet looking doge


After Playing for about 10 hours I have to say that the exp gaining is fun but losing your bank is not so fun. Although you might lose most things on death, it’s important to point out that you protect the skills you want and can rebuild fairly quickly. Overall, I give this game mode a 6/10. While it is extremely fun, you can see it needs some improvement that could have been handled through play testing. Due to the ramifications of the skulling system, it is actually not terrible for new players unlike its Runescape 3 cousin Darkscape. I believe the dedicated dev team will also be working on improving it much quicker for the tight-knit community.

Good luck, well played, and don’t die!

To contact the author please e-mail me or on twitter at @RFernandezJr

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