Rocket League Mutators

Have you ever wanted to play Rocket League with moon-like gravity? Have you dreamed about the ball being a beach ball? Well even if you haven’t you’ll probably still have fun the new Mutators being released! Oh and did I mention this is a FREE update?

I had mentioned in my Rocket League review that this game is actually a sequel. One cool feature that its prequel had is called Mutators. Mutators allow you to change the ball into a hockey puck, beach ball, a cube , and a wonderful assortment of map mods as well! Coming in November we will see this free update to Rocket League.

The creators of Rocket League were also kind enough to put out a live stream on the 29th on their official twitch channel – with the entire mutator stream available here – We have reached out to Psyonix to get a couple cool statistics and hope to hear back from them soon! Below is the YouTube video about the mutators.

We’ll see you on the pitch and in the air.


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