Might and Delight’s: Child of Cooper Trailer

The guys over at Might and Delight, a Stockholm based development studio, have been making atmospherically beautiful games since their 2012 release of Pid, a difficult puzzle-platforming game available on Steam, Xbox Live Arcade, and PSN.  In fact, it’s on sale for $2.49 over on the Steam store until November 2nd and if an aesthetically immersive platforming experience with challenging, though sometimes frustrating, puzzles coupled with a charming soundtrack sounds even slightly intriguing to you, I recommend it!

Pid screenshot

Pid’s colorful platforming.

But enough of my personal suggestions, why is this relevant?  Well, if you follow Might and Delight or the indie game scene in general you may be familiar with their latest project, Child of Cooper.  If not, no worries!  Check out the first teaser, if it can even be called that, released back in May here.  As you can see, if this is the first you’re hearing of Child of Cooper you aren’t so far behind that your indie cred has been compromised.  In fact, even with yesterday’s newest trailer, which you can watch below, the premise of the game remains much a mystery.  Based on the studio’s somewhat cryptic description on their site, players can expect an explorative experience accentuated by a surrealistic art style and likely delving into larger abstract themes.  That last part is a bit speculative but the developers assert that “making sense of what you see in Child of Cooper is a big part of the experience” so the game will surely be up to some degree of interpretation.

Child of Cooper

Essentially the entirety of the Child of Cooper teaser..

So what do we know for sure?  Child of Cooper will be releasing on both PC and Mac, no word regarding consoles yet, in 2015 according to the Steam store or, even more ambiguously, “soon” as stated in Might and Delight’s most recent trailer.  Oh yeah, and the game will support VR in some way for those of you who are into that!  Also, if you’re a concept art fanboy, or girl, take a peek at the studio’s official Tumblr to keep up with the development.

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