Rocket League – a Review

Did someone say Rocket Powered Battle Cars?

I haveRocket_League_coverart to be honest and say that I do not play sports games. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them, it’s that I don’t prefer them. With this in mind I have to give you the scenario from when I first installed Rocket League. It was roughly 9:30 PM on a Wednesday and I knew that I could only play for 30 minutes as I had work in the morning; Suddenly, my car hit 88 miles per hour. By that I mean that I looked at the time and it was 4 in the morning.

So I have to say that I am now a fan. Rocket League is the sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars which was released in 2008 on the PlayStation Network. To sum it up, it is a game where you drive a rocket-powered car in order to play soccer. The game itself differs from traditional soccer games in that there is no pass-assistance or multiple players to swap to. It is you, a couple team mates, and the hope that the ball flies in the direction you hit it in.

I have now successfully played 98 hours of Rocket League and look forward to it often. What I define as successful means that in the last few games I was able to aerially dunk the ball like Michael Jordan in his prime. The last couple hours of Rocket League made every second before worth it, not because I hadn’t enjoyed the time before, but because I realized that I can now judge the ball well enough to land aerials consistently. Rocket League is a game where you see yourself improving after every session played. I don’t think I’m great. I don’t even think I’m good, but every now and then I’ll make a play that you know would be on an ESPN highlight reel.

The game, although playable with a keyboard and mouse, plays very comfortably with a controller. The controller allows me to pull off what is considered the real reason to play the game; The aerial shots.

These aerials are beautiful to watch and if you’ve been on /r/RocketLeague then you get your daily dose of ridiculous saves and goals. What makes this game interesting is that every now and then you’ll make one of these crazy plays and it just fuels you for the future.

Recently, Rocket League has added two DLCs at $3.99 each that include several new car models, toppers, and boost trails. This, combined with other new decorations for Halloween makes for a little more vehicle customization. The beauty of the game is that if you buy it on Steam or PSN, it is yours forever and you aren’t forced to buy DLCs to experience new content.

Overall, I have to say that although the majority of the games in my Steam library sit installed but unopened, Rocket League sees action often. I would class it as a team sport that requires strong trust and clear communication. I would also class it as a game that I can play any day with my friends if they’re noobs or veterans.


My rating for this game would be an 9/10. This game would have scored a little higher but the controls on keyboard and mouse are a little clunky. The DLCs are also priced a little high in my opinion as I see them valued at the $2.49-$2.99 range but as they’re not required for playing the game I don’t take them into account. I highly recommend this game to anyone that wants to branch out in their play style and needs to find a game that plays quick and feels rewarding.

I did want to put in a special mention to Seismic White’s Youtube Channel. His video editing is clean and simple. Using world renowned players such as Kronovi, Gibbs, SadJunior, Stoney, and most recently Lachinio, you’ll be amazed at what people are capable of with these rocket cars.

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