Total War: Warhammer Review

Total War Warhammer

It's been a long time since I have enjoyed a total war game. I mean really enjoyed. The past few have been riddled with bugs or just not very fun in general. This has completely changed with the release of Total War: Warhammer! I have spent over 1000 hours if you combine my time in…

014 Live on Twitch!

New Episode

On this episode, Robb, Matt, Juan and Andrew talk about Batman Vs Superman, Silvester Stalone in Guardians of the galaxy 2, Venom movie, Skyrim mods, Fabel Legends, Diablo news and The Division!

013 Where Is Rey?!?

New Episode

That's right folks, we have a great new show for you this week! We talk about The Guardians of the Galaxy 2 script being done, the appearance of Rey in the StarWars toy lines, PewDiePie's new network, Bioshock Infinite mods for Fallout  4, Game Of Thrones return date, Daredevil season 2 teaser and the Diablo…

012 Post New Years Wrap Up!

New Episode

Hey guys, this episode is dedicated to the end of 2015, we could not get together and get one out sooner, so this is our post new years blowout! We go over our favorite game of the year, movie and TV show, as well as a little more starwars discussion!

Activision Blizzard just went Major League!


That's right, the rumors that had been flying around the interwebs have been confirmed! Activision Blizzard has acquired Major League Gaming. I don't need to tell you how amazing this is for all eSports enthusiasts, but it makes me wanna jump up and shout with excitement! As a long time Starcraft fan, I have been…

011 StrarWars Spoilers!

New Episode

Hey guys, this episode of the podcast is our impressions of the force awakens, if you do not want it spoiled, skip this episode, you have been warned!

Weekly Brawl Review: Gift Exchange

Brawl Report

Hey everyone welcome to another tavern brawl review. This week was the Gift Exchange tavern brawl and it was so much fun as long as you were the one collecting the gifts! So this week in the Gift Exchange brawl we had to create our own decks and each turn a special gift would spawn…

Paladins First Impression


Better than Overwatch? Well, that may be a little blasphemous but the fact of the matter is, Paladins is a lot of fun! While I still have not decided what game will hold my attention the longer, I may be leaning more towards Paladins at this point! Let me know what you guys think of…

010 Final Fantasy 7 Rage!

New Episode

That's right, we are mad about the latest Final Fantasy 7 announcement and when you listen to the podcast episode, you will find out why! We also talk about Kurt Russel possibly playing a part in Guardians of the galaxy 2, Hideo Kojima making a break from Konami to do his own thing, Cloud Strife…

Final Fantasy 7 remake, is it what we hoped for?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Wait a minute! Is that Cloud Strife?!? It seems that the prayers of millions have finally been answered. You could say it has always been a fantasy to play one of the most iconic games of an entire generation and genre of gaming, but to get it remade, not only for a modern system, but…

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